Since 1971, Bao Bao has been captivating millions with its deceptive clean patterns. Each bag is constructed to provide freedom of movement with a sleek, contemporary addition to to every outfit. Made to accompany you across the world.

Samuel Zelig

Enter the world of Samuel Zelig, where workwear classics from Japan, America, and France collide in harmony. Zelig's coveted creations are constructed in Los Angeles using premium French terry fabric. Each piece is a canvas for endless embroidered intricacies, while others ingeniously repurpose century-old quilts, showcasing the artistic brilliance of Dylan Lubell and Jonathan Levite.


This avant-garde footwear design is characterized by its unique split-toe silhouette, a design element inspired by traditional Japanese split-toe socks, known as Tabi socks. The Margiela Tabi design has become synonymous with Maison Margiela's innovative and boundary-pushing approach to fashion. Crafted from nappa leather, Tabi's showcase unique and quality craftsmanship, creating an iconic unconventional footwear silhouette. Embraced by fashion enthusiasts, the Margiela Tabi is not just any regular shoe; it's a symbol of creativity, and the intersection of traditional and innovative design.


The FW ‘23 Doublet collection explores a realm where the presence of monsters should not be a source of concern but a reminder of the unconventional relationships that exist in our everyday lives. Established by Masayuki Ino in 2012, Doublet aims to infuse a sense of childlike wonder and imagination into an industry often marked by seriousness. This collection utilizes childhood motifs to bring comfort and reminiscence to otherwise unusual designs.


Born for the iconic Maison Margiela, MM6 creates an innovative approach to fashion that redefines the boundaries of modern luxury. The brand embodies a distinctive blend of modernity and experimental design with versatile garments. With a commitment to craftsmanship and a unique aesthetic vision, MM6 continues to offer a fresh perspective on style that goes beyond traditional norms.

Perfectly Pleated - Homme Plissé

A brainchild of renowned Japanese designer Issey Miyake, Homme Plissé revolutionized menswear with its innovative pleated garments. Launched in the late 1980s, Homme Plissé redefined traditional ideas of masculinity by introducing fluid, sculptural silhouettes crafted from pleated fabrics. Homme Plissé continues to push boundaries and inspire sartorial experimentation, making it a staple in contemporary menswear.


Autry footwear draws inspiration from the past with silhouettes reminiscent of the 80s. The brand introduces a basketball inspired twist to their classic sneakers with the Medalist design, creating a sportswear shoe that is both fashionable and functional.


Founded in 1898, this Boston-based brand creates innovative running shoes that blend form and function. Saucony crafts shoes with cutting-edge technology and distinctive style to offer a high-performance shoe for users. The designs have a timeless and retro style that creates a strong relationship between comfort and efficiency that can take you trail running, walking, and anywhere else.

Tom Wood

A true representation of the product, rather than a person. The Norwegian brand both bases itself on nature and takes in vintage inspiration, including rings’ use as currency to craft their signature stone-laden signet rings. Their latest collection features a wide range of accessories, improving upon previous favorites and bringing in brand new styles ensuring you'll shine even through the darkest times.

New Balance

A silhouette, model, and colorway for every outfit in your wardrobe. New Balance continues influencing sneaker culture with its unique eye for bridging retro and modern styles. From the classic 550s to the WRPD Runner, the brand gained a new outlook and expanded its appeal to broader audiences through iconic collaborations and a fresh eye for design.

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