Introducing, norda

norda is a Canadian footwear company that blends style, performance, and sustainability.

Springtime is Stussy Time

For Spring/Summer ‘23, Stussy pushes forward with an assortment of vibrant pieces that nod to workwear staples. From fleece zip-ups to signature 8-ball insignia pieces, the iconic streetwear brand offers go-to garments fit for the season ahead.

Introducing, Kleman

Kleman shoes have thrived in the world of fashion by offering a raw and authentic unisex style, specifically tailored for those who seek a certain efficiency in a pure and uncompromising workwear style.

Peak Performance

Born in the French Alps and making its way to the center of fashion & streetwear, Salomon seamlessly blends form and function to offer a range of sneakers fit for any adventure.

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  2. Team Spotlight: Zoe Dreyer

    For this week's store team feature, we sat down with Capitol Hill store team lead, Zoe Dreyer.
  3. Introducing, norda

    "INSPIRED BY CANADA'S TOUGHEST CONDITIONS." When you visit norda's website, that quote is the first thing you'll notice in big letters, because it...

Backstage to Black Tie

Dr. Martens silhouettes provide a styling range unmatched by other boots and loafers. You can go the grunge route, and pair them with plaid and denim, or take an approach with a touch of class and dress them up.

Weatherproof Footwear

Adventure awaits. Don't miss out on these sneakers before you blaze your next trail.

Introducing, Doublet

Founded by Masayuki Ino in 2012, Doublet seeks to inject a sense of childlike wonder and imagination into an industry that often takes itself too seriously.

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