by Daniel Carlson

Enter the World of  Cold World Frozen Goods: Don’t Buy the Cheapest Eggs

In a world of turmoil, seriousness, and dire news, there’s Cold World Frozen Goods (CWFG). Don’t ask us what’s behind the name. They won’t tell us.  CWFG designs to their own beat and they want you to love it but it’s ok if you don’t - it’s this reckless abandon that is exactly why we love them. Afterall, their motto is: “We’re not happy until you’re not happy.”

Once we discovered CWFG at LIKELIHOOD, we had to have them in the shop. There’s something about them that words like unique, irreverent, offbeat, quirky don’t quite nail. They are all those things but something more. Rhek, one of the founders, being a well-known chef may be why he sees the world differently, who knows? Bottom line is it’s about fun, humor, working with friends. We agree. Sneakers and fashion should be about having fun, expressing yourself and being together. The eccentric designs with high quality materials and a reasonable price point ($88 hoodies) all make it hard to say no to CWFG. Try it.

To get inside the minds of CWFG check out their answers to a few key questions we sent to their team in Vancouver, BC recently.


Do you think the world is going to end soon and why?

The world has already ended, we're just in a simulation and the aliens are going to come back and redecorate soon.

In the world of CWFG, what are the rules? 

Trust no one, do stuff instead of complaining, and don't buy the cheapest eggs.

What's been the strangest/most obscure inspiration you've had for a design?

Terribly translated English sentences on Asian shirts are the pinnacle of design and also we've used the tagline for the movie "Ghost" with Patrick Swayze and Whoppi Goldberg on an unrelated shirt before.

Anybody can be a part of the CWFG tribe if they...

Do mushrooms.

If you had to give your design process a movie title or a song title, which one would it be and why?

The movie "Weekend At Bernie’s," cause it's about someone trying to kill you but instead they get killed via a heroin overdose and instead of letting that ruin your vacation, you just fool everyone into thinking the corpse is alive, take it with you and hilarious hijinks ensue. Design and working for clients are both a lot like this.

How does Vancouver impact your design process?

Chinese Buffets and The California Roll we're both invented in Vancouver. Neither of these facts impact our design process but the legacies of innovation are inspiration.


 Check out Cold World Frozen Goods here.