LIKELIHOOD Raffle Rules & Regulations

LIKELIHOOD's online raffles employs the practice of randomized computer-generated raffles to ensure a completely fair chance of winning the opportunity to purchase a launch product release.

Each raffled product is considered a Quick Strike (QS). All QS, limited edition, and brand collaboration products are final sale. Our online raffles are hosted on individual launch product posts on our Release page, shared on our Instagram Story (@lklihood) with a provided 'Swipe Up' link as well as on our Linktree site (found in the link in our social channel's bio). There will be a separate page/form specifically for entering raffles, as well as additional release info.

Raffle Rules & Regulations

  • You must be age 14+ to enter the raffle: We reserve the right to remove any entry found to be under our specified age limit
  • Entries are free and this is a contest of chance: Winners are given the opportunity to purchase the stated product
  • One entry per person: We will disqualify any duplicate entries
  • How winners are notified: Raffle winners will be notified via email, followed by an invoice for purchase
  • Discretion policy: LIKELIHOOD reserves the sole right to use discretion if there is an unforeseen circumstance with a winner 

Thank you for reviewing our guidelines, and good luck!