Golden Ticket Event

Golden Ticket Event Banner

Channel your inner Charlie Bucket with our Golden Ticket Event, starting today! How it works is simple: when we're open, enter our store Monday through Thursday for a chance to win a $250 LIKELIHOOD gift card and additional merch, no purchase necessary. Trust us, you’ll know if you’ve won.


Winners will receive...

  • $250.00 LIKELIHOOD gift card
  • LIKELIHOOD 6-Panel Hat (Black)
  • LIKELIHOOD Air Freshener
  • LIKELIHOOD Lighter (Black)
  • LIKELIHOOD Mask (White)


Please review the information below regarding the event.

  • Event ends Thursday, 7/29
  • Winners are selected on random days from Monday to Thursday each week of the event -- excluding Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays-- and at random times during store hours
  • You qualify only once a day, so leaving the store and re-entering will not increase your chances of winning


Your last chance to win a Golden Ticket is Thursday, July 29th, so stop by the store when you can. Good luck everybody, we’ll hopefully see you soon!