In 1964, Narito Takeuchi's grandfather laid the foundation of "Sunoptical," an esteemed eyewear frame factory nestled in Sabae-city. Since its inception, the factory has been dedicated to crafting genuine acetate eyewear frames. This factory served as a playground during his childhood. As he grew older, Narito's passion for eyewear design ignited. At the tender age of 15, in 1995, he began sketching blueprints for his very own frames. A decade later, in 2005, his dreams took tangible form as he launched Stone-D. At Stone-D, each pair of glasses is a labor of love, meticulously designed and personally handcrafted by Narito himself. Despite the factory's rich heritage, Narito realized that certain outdated systems and traditions hindered innovation and growth. To usher in a new era, he bravely embraced change and broke free from the constraints of the past. Recognizing the value of the vast knowledge amassed over generations, he used the wealth of data from the long business history to improve eyewear craftsmanship.

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