Every shoe purchased with code PLUS1 will be donated to Community Passageways.

Community Passageways Mission statement: We create alternatives to the carceral system—policing, jail, and state supervision— for youth and young adults by rebuilding our communities through committed relationships centered on love, compassion, and consistency. 

More info: We support our youth and young adults at every stage of the criminal legal process—from prevention to detention. This is designed to replace the school-to-prison pipeline with a school-to-life success pipeline. Instead of suspensions and expulsions, we strive for restorative and culturally-relevant programming. Instead of police, prosecutors, and judges, we operate with mentors, counselors, and circle keepers. Instead of frustration and denial, we build purpose and opportunity. Instead of jails, we will have homes, schools, jobs, and a community that stands with our youth.




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