LivAble Studios

Ria Giuliano Thomas and Jaymz Nylon have always been a dream team since meeting in 1998. Their shared vision for an environmentally conscious world is crystal clear, both through their work separately, while also together in the form of LivAble Studios. Focused on repurposing deadstock fabric and collaborating with a variety of like-minded artists, the pair are just beginning to define LivAble Studios’ legacy. While most were left damaged by the pandemic,  the brand seized collaboration opportunities with small brands like Harvey Street Social and Frost on ceramics and pillows that would ultimately benefit all involved. High quality, sustainable products fit perfectly in any home, and contribute to the brand’s partnership with the EmbraceRace organization.

Iconic Styles: All Day Mug, French Toast Pillow

Iconic Collaborations: Harvey Street Social, Frost



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