Spring Time is T-Shirt Time

Spring Time is T-Shirt Time

by John Peterson

If you’re not from Seattle or are unfamiliar with its recurring weather patterns, then here's a local secret: spring in Seattle can be superb. It’s a beautiful moment when all the locals get to hang up their winter jackets and enjoy every ray of sun that breaks through the stratus clouds overhead.

No matter where you live, one thing is certain: spring time is t-shirt time. Now that we are in the full swing of spring, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite t-shirts from the LIKELIHOOD store. From creative brands like Real Bad Man to Carrots, our wide selection of t-shirts will have you looking and feeling fresh in the sun this season and the next.


Spring Time is T-Shirt Time Hero

Real Bad Man ‘This Is Not A Pipe’ T-Shirt (Pink)

The Los Angeles-based streetwear brand Real Bad Man started their journey creating bootleg t-shirts for bands that were in need of merchandise. The brand has since evolved into a creative collection, with each product offering a humorous, off-beat take on fashion. Real Bad Man’s creative approach blends music with fashion to produce graphic heavy t-shirts that resemble aged pop culture references and cartoon characters. One of our favorite t-shirts from their spring collection is the ‘This Is Not A Pipe’ tee, featuring a surrealistic design with elements that represent all-things spring time.

Check out the rest of our Real Bad Man collection here.

Brain Dead Organic Paneled Stripe T-Shirt

Brain Dead 'Organic Paneled Stripe’ T-Shirt (Red/Blue)

The disruptive streetwear brand Brain Dead is a creative collective of designers and artists from around the globe. Brain Dead has a graphic-led approach that draws influence from various subcultures, including punk, underground comics, and skateboarding. Their ‘Organic Paneled Stripe’ tee is a heavyweight, patchwork short sleeve that features an assortment of vibrant colors while packing an eclectic punch, making it the perfect t-shirt to stand out this spring.

Check out the rest of our Brain Dead collection here.

Carrots Ring Around Carrots Long Sleeve

Carrots ‘Ring Around Carrots’ Long Sleeve T-Shirt (White)

Carrots is an emerging streetwear brand from Trenton, New Jersey that is known for its dynamic approach to personal style and creativity as it relates to design aesthetics. Founded in 2007 by Anwar Carrots, the collective has become an established streetwear brand, leading the charge for the next generation of Los Angeles creatives across the music and fashion industry. Carrots’ ‘Ring Around Carrots’ long sleeve comes with 100% cotton, directly representing what the brand is all about with their animated carrot and flowers on the back. Whether it's cold or warm out, this long sleeve is a great option for every activity this spring. 

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Rip N Repair Eyes on Eyes T-Shirt

Rip N Repair ‘Eyes on Eyes’ T-Shirt (White)

Rip N Repair is a collective of creatives known for tapping into different eras of fashion with a graphic-led approach. Their latest collection reflects the brand's anti-establishment creative exploration, taking its cues from Korean riot culture, manga, and the spirit of Los Angeles’ subculture as a whole. Rip N Repair’s ‘Eyes on Eyes’ tee is made with heavyweight cotton, and comes with a psychedelic print on the front and back that will surely turn heads.

Check out the rest of our Rip N Repair collection here.


Stay tuned: next week, we will be publishing ‘Did You Know?’ where we talk about the history and evolution of t-shirt culture in the streetwear industry.