Spin The Globe: Los Angeles, CA

by Max Slade

Despite the size of our shop, taking a visit to LIKELIHOOD can be considered an international journey, with each of our brands containing their own unique background and story. To tell these stories, we’ll need to spin the globe and go deeper into where it lands. First stop: Los Angeles, in the form of lifestyle brands Mister Green and General Admission.

Spin The Globe, Likelihood

With every brand having its own unique inspiration, it’s always important to know the background of the clothes you see on our rack, or the accessories on our shelves. Keeping that in mind, two brands we’ve seen generate the most buzz out of YOU, are Mister Green and General Admission. Both notably out-of-the-box in their graphics and designs, the two are also united in their California roots. It’s a pairing made in heaven, especially when you consider the number of collaborations the two have dreamed up in recent months.

Mister Green Life Store

So then, we’ll start with Mister Green. Initiated in 2015 by Ariel Stark-Benz, the brand set out to redefine weed paraphernalia. Rather than a traditionally tie-dyed, bright aesthetic, Stark-Benz turned his attention to the plant’s minimalist side. Nearly all of its pieces operate around neutral color schemes, utilizing playful yet satisfying graphics and symbols. While the brand’s name may fail to ring an immediate bell, you may likely recognize its “Bong Water” bottles along with its logo--a peace sign made up of the marijuana leaf. This is part of what Mister Green always seems to excel in: quotable and unmistakable branding, always presented in digestible fashion.

Spin The Globe, Mister Green

The company’s Los Angeles brick and mortar labels itself a “Life Store,” and understandably so. As mentioned previous, the brand’s drinkware hardly seem to stay on the shelf for more than a week or two, along with accessories that include rolling trays, coasters, kendamas, and lighter necklaces (thank goodness for those by the way, I haven’t lost a lighter since acquiring my own). Easily introduced items like this work to counteract the branding problem that looms over the cannabis industry, drawing a new line in the sand of how accepted its presence is in the household.

General Admission California

Differing from Mister Green’s rather concrete purpose, it’s time to meet General Admission. Oozing Venice and all that encompasses it, General Admission’s inspiration directly reflects its surroundings. The boutique seems to function on a “see a need, fill a need” basis, spawning unique homeware and apparel that can take its place in any home. What would otherwise be basic glassware to a homeware company is instead tinted green, textured, and then dubbed the “Cactus Glass” by GA. In the same vein, it's hard to scroll through their selection without coming across some sort of functional mushroom. These pieces are merely drops in a General Admission bucket that holds endless creativity and charm.

Spin The Globe, General Admission

Turning the attention to General Admission’s apparel brings a new appreciation for the brand, namely their understanding of vintage. Their t-shirt graphics have featured work from the likes of Tamara Shopsin and Russ Pope (among others), both of which draw from their surroundings to create simple and effective perspectives. Additionally, the brand often implements sun fading, retro-feeling embroidery, and faded color choices that can’t help but feel authentic to Los Angeles’ rich history in vintage clothing.

Spin The Globe, Likelihood


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