Sea to Summit: Suicoke SS 2022

Sea to Summit: Suicoke SS 2022

by Ian Peterson


For SS22, Suicoke takes you on a tour of Lake Como, and the elegant line work of Giuseppe Terragni, Pietro Lingeri, and Gianni Mantero. The trio’s aesthetic is best described as Italian rationalism, a technique dating back as early as the 20th century. 

While dated in some ways, it represents a look toward the future with visions of speed and dynamism. It’s this exact philosophy that carries into the design work of Suicoke’s newest season.


For the most part, the Japanese footwear label finds comfort in the familiar, continuing to reissue classics like the Moto-Cab and Kisee-V sandals. Yet, their sense of consistency stops at the shape of their designs. SS22 brings a New Age-esque style inspiration, marked by new material choices, color schemes, and higher platformed soles.


To help celebrate their creations and the inspiration behind them, Suicoke has employed Vanina Sorrenti, a fashion photographer known for her massive impact within her industry. She tells Suicoke SS22’s story through her surroundings in Lake Como, harnessing the stunning natural light shining upon Italian rationalist architecture. Each look is curated by designer Elena Mottola, who brightens Sorrenti’s simple shots with standout 90’s color combinations, all in all defining the balance of the collection.

Staff Picks


Moto-Cab-PT02 Red: Formed on arguably the most recognizable Suicoke release to date, the newest Moto-Cab release takes a new stylistic and head-turning direction with its use of bright red paisley. It’s clear to see the brand’s New Wave inspiration here, hopefully opening the door for more statement color palettes in future seasons.


Moto-Cab-ECO Black/Beige: Built using robust Cordura fabric, the new “ECO” side of Suicoke features completely recyclable materials, factors that benefit the look and quality of the sandal. The new technology is displayed using recycle symbols on the iconic Suicoke tag, and complement the beige and brown colors on the sole with perfection.


Cappo Clog Black: In representing their Japanese background, the latest Cappo Clog offers a similar design to that of the Polk Clog with more technical features. The unique design of the Clog includes a heal strap as well as sturdy EVA rubber material to provide optimal comfort no matter the adventure.

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