Introducing, East Pacific Trade

Introducing, East Pacific Trade

by Ian Peterson


Founded by Jai Baek in Seoul, South Korea, East Pacific Trade - otherwise known as EPT - is a footwear brand that creates sneakers with a unique, minimalistic design approach. EPT’s offerings range from lifestyle sneakers to skateboarding shoes. Created upon returning home to South Korea, EPT is based on Baek’s precious experiences. His aspirations lie in positioning EPT as an individual label in the global market. A footwear veteran, Baek is known for establishing and developing brands such as HUF, DC Shoes, as well as Creative Recreation - his newest project East Pacific Trade is already intertwined in a number of different communities and circles.


The brand’s signature collection experiments with minimalist silhouettes and unique cushioning techniques, aiming to provide a high-quality fitting experience with more advanced cushion foam. EPT’s Dive model originated as a skateboarding shoe and features high-gauge cotton canvas on the upper. The design language stays true to skateboarding’s roots and sports a vulcanized rubber sole and toe cap. Providing style through simplicity without sacrificing cushioning and comfortability one bit.

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When Jai Baek founded EPT in 2019, he set out to create designs defined by the cultural cross section of Californian skate culture and progressive Korean streetwear. Since then, EPT has released numerous new models and collaborated with the likes of Fred Segal. In August 2022, he took this vision a step further and EPT opened a flagship store in Seoul, South Korea. The store launch party featured art from graffiti artist Dasol and customized sneakers from other local artists.

East Pacific Trade is curated to reflect the progression of footwear design. Unifying comfort with design, employing high quality materials with responsible manufacturing procedures to utilize technology in this process. For these reasons and many more, LIKELIHOOD is excited to welcome EPT and their forward thinking brand.


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