Emotionally Unavailable is Now... Available?

Emotionally Unavailable is Now... Available?

by Ian Peterson

Since their beginnings, streetwear brand Emotionally Unavailable has been star-studded. One of its founders, Edison Chen, has experienced a significant career in acting, music, and most notably, fashion and lifestyle products. His journey began as early as 2003 with the creation of CLOT, which set out to provide their own spin on both streetwear and home goods. Chen’s partner in crime, KB Lee is known for numerous achievements in his industry.


Throughout his work at both Undefeated and Emotionally Available, Lee became the first Korean to work with Nike, designed clothing for pre-fame Kanye West, and has been enlisted by other giants like Stussy and X-Large. With a combined resume that never seems to end, it’s no wonder their project Emotionally Available has streetwear connoisseurs foaming at the mouth. Both are heavily inspired by hip-hop and art in all forms, often venturing as far as Renaissance prints on several of their pieces. Distinct symbols and logos like their melting heart motif have been the subject of recognition by shoppers and brands alike, resulting in an impressive list of collaborators like Sacai, Nike, Playboy, and the popular series 'Squid Game'. As they continue to develop and stretch further outside the box, we couldn’t be more excited to welcome them to the LIKELIHOOD family.


Our Picks:

Oxford Printed L/S Shirt Navy Striped: Along with the clever and witty nature of their brand’s aesthetic, Emotionally Unavailable is one-of-a-kind in their versatility. With everything from floral-print hats and shoulder bags to parkas and sweatsuits, each symbol seems to just make sense wherever it's placed. See exhibit A: the Oxford Printed L/S Shirt. Crafted like a traditional dress shirt, its thin navy stripes and elegantly embroidered “EU” logo ooze maturity, appropriate for the golf course, or fashion week. But, a shirt like it would never be left without the brand’s signature sense of playfulness: a wavy, puff logo is added across its midsection.


Heart Sweatpant Charcoal: Moving quickly from formal to casual, the Heart Sweatpant makes for a great everyday choice–and a surprisingly perfect pairing with the Oxford shirt. Constructed out of heavyweight cotton, its relaxed fit combines comfort with breathability, plastered with large heart branding for instant recognition.


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